Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm hoping to have a National Scrapbook Day Crop this year, probably in April or May.  I haven't had a big event in quite a while, and I think it would be fun and a good incentive for me (and my friends and customers) to have a chunk of time to get caught up on their scrapbooks. 

I'm lining up a location but will have to choose a date soon.  So keep an eye on this blog, my website, and/or your email, because I'm thinking I will have people vote for the date that suits them best.  I don't know if we will be set up for digital scrapbooking, as I'm not sure there are enough electrical outlets at the proposed location, but we will at least have some digital demonstrations. 

Anyway, here's a "challenge" for you.  What project do you think you want to work on for this year's event?  (Don't worry, if you change your mind, that's okay).  But I'd like to get you thinking about it, and everyone who leaves a comment with her/his answer on this post will be entered in a drawing for a little something special for a prize!

So, what'll it be?  A baby album?  Trip?  International convention?  Pet?  Heritage?  Leftover photos that don't seem to fit in any simple category?  Or a tribute to a special friend? 

I can't wait to hear your answers!

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