Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blue moon special

Gift with purchase

Dual Tip Pen with $25 order

Yours Truly Mini Album with $50 order

Jumbo Blooming Star Cutting Pattern with $75 order

Offer available til 12 midnight Thursday, December 23.


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Blue Moon Specials

Gift with Purchase

Dual TipPen with $25 order

Mini Accordian Hearts Paper album with $50 order

Jumbo Blooming Star cutting pattern with $75 order

Offer valid until midnight December 23,2010.


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Monday, November 22, 2010

Mac users, Rejoice!

Mac users, (and I hope to be among you again soon), can celebrate today because Creative Memories has released a Mac user version of our famous StoryBook Creator Plus software, called sbcStudio.

It is compatible with Apple's iPhoto, so you don't need any Windows virtualization software to run this on your Mac. 

You can try the software for free for 30 days, downloading it from my website (see link above), and it is available to purchase for $64.95 any time during or after your 30 day free trial. 

I hope you'll try it and let me know what you think!

Creative Memories and Mac...I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's the most wonderful time...

...of the year...

Well, it is if you LOVE calendars...I love feeling that I have a fresh start and a new, clean calendar to fill in.  And there are so many beautiful choices. 

But what if you could design your OWN  calendar with your favorite photos?

That's exactly what you can do with StoryBook Creator software, both the free and the Plus versions.  You can imagine what a great gift this would make, especially to yourself!  Something to enjoy all year long.  The calendars are 20% off until October 31, so you still have time to make one and save.  Or if you don't have the time, call me and I'll do the work for you!

The other great thing about our calendars is that when the year is over, the calendar part can be removed and the pages (12x12 or 8x8) can be put right into your album, either traditional or digital printed StoryBooks.  How's THAT for recycling and reusing??

Go to my website and then click on Digital for more information.  If you don't already have Storybook Creator  on your computer, download the free version first.  Then you can use any of your digital photographs and designs (many are free downloads on the same website) to create your own yearlong masterpiece. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Reminisce Power Palette ideas...

Sometimes I see some lovely designs or paper and think, I love that, but what would I DO with it?  One of the experts at Creative Memories challenged herself with that in mind.  Check out her beautiful layouts at her blog.

Reminisce Power Palette ideas

Now the free download of the template is no longer available (sorry, I was too late to get it), but this is a great way to see how Creative Memories Power Palettes, in both paper and digital forms, can be used in so many ways.

So if you're ready to give Power Palettes a try, give me a call and I'd be happy to show you how to get the most out of your investment.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Showcase Surprises!

Well, today was the first day of Creative Memories Showcase, the big annual convention in Minnesota ... though I wasn't able to attend, I've been keeping up with some of the big announcements on Facebook and through email updates from other consultants who are attending.  

One big surprise is the Creative Memories is partnering with Cricut (made by ProvoCrafts) a machine that cuts paper shapes and lots more.  We will have some exclusive cartridges to fit the machines.  I haven't had a chance to use one yet, but now will have to get busy.

There are also new Power Palettes in new colors coming, but they won't post the pictures of those until tomorrow, so stay tuned!

The most exciting announcement thus far, to me anyway, is that Creative Memories is releasing a Mac version of StoryBook Creator Plus software!!  It will integrate with iPhoto...so this will be great for all of you Mac users!  We have to wait until November 1, but at least we know it's coming for sure.

If you are on Facebook, check out Creative Memories Home Office and Pixels2Pages for more CM news.  If you're not a Facebook user, then check back here for updates.

Happy scrapping!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A great resource

I just found out about a website run by Creative Memories Consultants to help all of us to make the most of Digital!

Check out pixels2pages.net

This is a beta site (meaning it is in a testing form) so it will depend upon positive user feedback.  There are webinars (short video instructions) and projects for all levels of digital scrapbooking, beginning to advanced.  They also have a group on Facebook if you would like to see what projects they are sharing.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

T-Shirt weather...

 Today I found instructions on the CreativeMemories blog about how to make a design to print on a T-shirt.  Quite easy actually, and I'm working on one now!  I'll post it when I get it done. 


You could make a special event T, such as for a family reunion, or one that is similar to one shown in the blog...a grandkids T-shirt!  What grandparent wouldn't love that?

Lots of good ideas are rattling around...and I'll be sharing mine soon!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A WOW of a sale...

It's officially begun, so don't wait to get these amazing deals!  This 40% off sale lasts only 2 weeks, from June 14 to June 27, so call me or visit my personal website to order and have shipped directly to your home or office. 

Also, if you have been wanting to get the StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 software, you can save even more by getting the download, so there is NO SHIPPING fee on that item!  And you won't have to wait for it to be delivered!

This is also a great chance to get organized since so many sorting and storing items are also on sale.  

If you know a lot of your friends will be interested in this sale, please pass the word and you will receive a thank you gift for any referrals.  This is also a great opportunity to become a Creative Memories Consultant and get off to a running start, we can get you going in no time!

Check out the prices below...Happy shopping and happy scrapping!

Product                                       Regular Price                          Sale Price

Simply Beautiful Power Palette System
Black & White Power Palette System
Primary Power Palette System
Jewel Power Palette System
Discover Power Palette System
Delight Power Palette System
Power Palette Case & Folders
Racking System
Hanging Folders
Daisy Weekender
Daisy Tools Caddy
Daisy Project Tote
Daisy ID Tag
Daisy Custom Cutting System Keeper
Daisy Case
  StoryBook Creator Plus Software (CD)
  StoryBook Creator Plus Software (Download)
Rotary Trimmer

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The reviews are in...

...and it's a HIT!

My cousins LOVED the album, creatively titled "Cousins."  I sent it as a surprise to all my first cousins and they had no idea I was doing it.  I just collected some of my favorite shots and put it together in a 7x5 softcover album.  It was such a cheerful, easy project.  I didn't worry about chronological order, or dates, or who would like what picture of him/herself...and hey, it was the 70s, where all of our parents committed egregious acts in dressing their children.  We survived.

The reactions were great...phone calls with laughing messages, emails, and cards, and best of all, a thank you text message that included the note that I'm going to have to do another one 'cause I have a new baby cousin on the way!  (Perhaps they will name her after me...)

I've run into some snags with Google's "new" way to upload photos, so if you want to see the album, just let me know in the Comments and I'll send you the link so you can see the whole thing.

I'll have more EXCITING news of a limited time offer...stay tuned...okay, I'll give you one hint: 
40% OFF!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Super duper sale

Creative Memories will be having a never-before-offered sale on some of our most popular products...save 40 percent on StoryBook Creator Plus software, Power Palettes, storage/organization tools and the rotary trimmer.

This offer will only be good for 2 weeks, June 14-27.  So make your wishlist now by going to my website


I'll be sending our reminder emails and making calls so you don't miss out...this is great opportunity to get the software everybody's talking about!

More details will follow...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's Official!

I'm a Digitally Endorsed Creative Memories Consultant!  That just means I've learned enough (and taken a test to prove it) to help you with your digital StoryBooks.  So if you want a quick lesson, a one-on-one (or one-on-two, to take the pressure off) class, I'm your gal. 

I'm also happy to create your StoryBook for you.  Contact me through the comments or though my website and I'll let you know how we can start your project.

The important thing is that I want you to hold your StoryBook in your hands! So don't wait to call, summer is coming and everybody will soon be busy with summertime activities.  

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Snow in May! And a contest!

Well, we just enjoyed a wonderful week in California Gold Country, "a place quite northwards, it seems" (if you don't recognize that quote, leave a comment and I'll enlighten you).  Anyway, we usually visit Gold Country around this time of year and the only thing I don't love is the heat...but this time, it was pleasantly cool, even cold (to us Los Angelenos, one might even say FREEZING.... which  we did say, until Gene and I stopped in Big Trees Calaveras State Park and not only were there little patches of snow on the ground, as we started driving away, REAL SNOWFLAKES were flying around!  So that was quite an adventure.  I will post the pictures of snow flurries through my bug encrusted windshield in a later post.  So that was very exciting.

Almost as exciting as the prospect of going back to Murphys, California, which we hope to do VERY soon...

And perhaps I will start a new blog of adventures in Murphys.  Let's see, ThePioneerWoman.com is already taken...maybe TheCountryGirl.com?  That's probably taken already, too.  So if you have some suggestions, leave 'em in the comments.  If your idea wins, I'll send you a free album!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Things that make you smile...

I made a StoryBook called "Cousins."  (If any of my cousins are reading this now it is going to spoil the surprise, but it's also a little test to see if they're reading my blog...) 

Anyway, I really enjoyed making this album, because I promised myself it was only going to be 20 pages, a 7x5, and I was just going to put the pictures together any old way.  Maybe I would combine the same kids on the same page, or maybe not.  I didn't worry about chronological order, or including all the dates, or whether So-and-So would think this photo of her was as cute as I thought it was.  I just put it together.  I don't think I've ever smiled so much when making an album. 

And because it's after midnight and it's been a very long day, I can't figure out how to upload pages so you can see just how cute my "Cousins" album is. 

I will try to accomplish that on a day when I have more brain cells, but in the meantime, if you want to see this album that is sure to make you smile, too, then leave a comment and I'll send you the link.  

Sunday, April 25, 2010

It is a truth universally acknowledged...

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife...who scrapbooks!

If Jane Austen had been a scrapbooker, I'm sure that's how she would have started Pride and Prejudice.

In any case, I thought it was a great way to start this springtime entry, and speaking of spring, I'm working on some digital pages of flowers.  I hit a snag when I lost the cable to connect my camera to the computer, but I may just find some of my older prints from a long ago visit to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad.  Row upon row of ranunculas...which are much prettier than the name would have you believe!  Anyway, my sister and I spent half a day meandering among the different colors, and about 4 rolls of film each!  Which back then was quite an investment.  And I wish I had some digital shots to share with you.  But that's why I'm hoping to go back next spring (I'm already too late for this year).  However, as soon as I find my camera cable, I'll share some lovely blooms from Disneyland!  Spring is a wonderful time to visit the Magic Kingdom and see what the gardeners have been up to...and it can change week by week, so you never know what surprises you'll find.

So if you have a floral fantasy photo you like, please share it with me, and I'll post it here.

Happy scrapping! 


Monday, April 12, 2010

a scrapbook with a view: Let ME make your scrapbook...

a scrapbook with a view: Let ME make your scrapbook...

Let ME make your scrapbook...

That's right...I know you're too busy, tired, uninspired, fill in the blank... to sit down and work on a scrapbook.  But with StoryBook Creator Plus, I can do (most of) the work for you!

You can choose your photos and then put them on a disk or flash drive and we'll go from there.

I'm currently taking an online class to be come a Digitally Endorsed Creative Memories Consultant.  But we don't have to wait until I finish...just comment below and I'll contact you to get started on that project you want to have ready for that special occasion...or just because!

I'll have more information on my website soon. 

Or if you want to do the album yourself but just need a little help getting started, let me know!

So just comment below ... I'll do the rest!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Are you ready to COMPLETE a StoryBook Scrapbook?

Well, things are getting back to normal for me, which is a huge relief...so now I can get back to some FUN!  Of course, I have loads of things on my "to do" list, which is written in invisible ink, otherwise I might faint dead away at the sight of that long list!

But Creative Memories has a special (until April 30, 2010) to order a 7x5 StoryBook for only $12.95!  So I have one done for a friend, but I want to do a simple, special one for me!  I actually started one as an 8x8 called "My Favorite Things" but I think I will make it a 7x5 and save $5!

If you want to join me in this project, all you have to do is start a 7x5 StoryBook project using StoryBook Creator or StoryBook Creator Plus.  If you don't already have the software, go to my website


Then click on the Digital link at the bottom and you can download the free version of the software.  (There's a tutorial also on the website, or call me if you need assistance).

Anyway, then choose 20-30 photos you love (remember, this is a smaller album) and you can probably finish this up in a couple of hours!  Remember, they make great gifts, so now is a great time to give something special that won't break your budget. 

Also, keep an eye on this blog because I'll soon be announcing the date for my National Scrapbook Day event!

Happy (digital) scrapping!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Now's your chance...

Well, if you have been thinking, "maybe I'll try making a Creative Memories Digital StoryBook..." now's the time to do it!

CM is offering $5 off the 7x5 size with personalized soft cover, which makes it only $12.95 for the standard 20 pages! 

So if you don't have the Storybook Creator (free version) or StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 software on your computer, go to my website www.mycmsite.com/lisabeltran and download the free version and just play with it.  There are tutorials also on www.creativememories.com/digital but basically all you have to do is choose a template (the page style or theme you want) and then drag and drop your photos into the boxes on the template.  You can get your photos from your camera, a disk, or a file on your computer.

If you want a little more help, leave me a comment below (or contact me through my website) and we'll set up a one-on-one (or more if you want to earn Host Credit) and I'll show you how.  If your photos are in the order that you want them to be, you can choose "auto-populate" and they will pop onto the pages automatically!  You can change anything you like before you order it, so don't get scared.

Anyway, this offer is good until April 30, so don't wait too long.  I know this is a busy month for a lot of us, but let's make a date to get together right away, so we don't leave it until the last minute. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that digital scrapbooking is more economical than traditional...though I still love both, we're all keeping a close eye on our budgets, so this is a great way to enjoy and share your photos, and still not break the bank.  And if you want to save even more, Creative Memories Consultants get 30% off all products, including digital!

So check your calendar and let's get this party started!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Expanding my -- and your -- horizons!

I just found out that Creative Memories is going to be providing a special digital training course to Consultants.  We can actually be certified as Digital Specialists.  I'm excited about this as I'm learning by trial and error, but know that there is a lot more I can do with Memory Manager and StoryBook Creator Plus with some more instruction.

Best of all, I can help you with your projects...I can provide coaching and assistance or I can complete the project for you.  This training will help me offer you more services to meet your memory keeping goals. 

And remember, we're not just talking about scrapbooking.  With StoryBook Creator Plus we can make party favors, Save-The-Date cards, graduation or birth announcements.  The only limit is your imagination!

I'll be receiving more information this month so stay tuned.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is from my "My Favorite Things" Album I'm currently working on.  Some of my favorite pictures of my cousins and good times we have had.  I used the new Vintage Romance Digital Kit and I just love the colors and patterns, they coordinate with so many photos!

I am scheduling digital training for myself soon and when I've completed that I'll be doing digital training, one-on-one or in small groups so you can learn to get your photo albums done quickly AND beautifully!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm hoping to have a National Scrapbook Day Crop this year, probably in April or May.  I haven't had a big event in quite a while, and I think it would be fun and a good incentive for me (and my friends and customers) to have a chunk of time to get caught up on their scrapbooks. 

I'm lining up a location but will have to choose a date soon.  So keep an eye on this blog, my website, and/or your email, because I'm thinking I will have people vote for the date that suits them best.  I don't know if we will be set up for digital scrapbooking, as I'm not sure there are enough electrical outlets at the proposed location, but we will at least have some digital demonstrations. 

Anyway, here's a "challenge" for you.  What project do you think you want to work on for this year's event?  (Don't worry, if you change your mind, that's okay).  But I'd like to get you thinking about it, and everyone who leaves a comment with her/his answer on this post will be entered in a drawing for a little something special for a prize!

So, what'll it be?  A baby album?  Trip?  International convention?  Pet?  Heritage?  Leftover photos that don't seem to fit in any simple category?  Or a tribute to a special friend? 

I can't wait to hear your answers!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Some of you may know that I've had some medical issues lately.  I'm hanging in there, but one of the things I have done for my mental health maintenance is make a scrapbook of me and my sister, since she has helped me so much through all this (not to take away from my loyal husband, but a sister knows you inside out -- we share the same DNA).

So here are a few pages from that book that make me smile every time I see them.

Thank you, my baby sisso!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A new year, some new ideas...

Something about a new year always makes me feel like I should get organized...well, it hasn't happened yet, but there's always a first time, right?  One thing that's been helping me get my photos organized and into albums is Creative Memories software.  Memory Manager is helping me organized the thousands of slides that my dad put on DVD. 

But even more fun is using StoryBook Creator Plus software to make albums!  I have found it so quick and easy to use the pre-made templates to just drag and drop my images onto the pages.  I made a 20 page album in less than 3 hours!

So call me and we'll set up a time so I can show you how to make our software work for you.  And if you can't wait, go to my website and download the StoryBook Creator software (there's a free version available), and try it out.  There's no charge unless you decide to order the book!

Also, check out the links to the Project Center, especially if there's a party or gathering in your future.  There are lots of ideas for party favors and decorations you can make using StoryBook Creator software, and you can customize them to match any theme you have in mind.

So when you're done cleaning out that closet, take a look at the fun at